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Where to watch Black Clover: Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, or Funimation

where to watch black clover

Black clover is a Japanese manga series written by Yūki Tabata. The story’s center is a magic-less boy Asta born without magic power. In that world where magic is everything. But as ever give up on his dream of becoming the greatest wizard king. in this post, we cover Where to watch Black Clover

The black clover storyline

Asta and Yuno the two orphans raised in Hash village. When they become 15 year old. They get there grimoire and both trains very hard to select in clover kingdom magic knight squad. Yuno was selected in the Golden Dawn the finest magic knight squad and Asta in the Black Bull the worse magic knight squad. and at this point, the main story begins. The race between two friends to find out who will become the next wizard king.

You might be thinking that where should I watch the Black clover All seasons. In this post, I will share some of the paid sources as Kissanime got shut. From where you can watch the Black clover. And in last I will share with you which is the best source of watching anime.

One of the best Black Clover opening Theme

Where to watch Black Clover?

1) Black Clover on Netflix

Where to watch Black Clover
Black Clover source- Netflix

Netflix is the biggest subscription-based online streaming platform. That allows the members of Netflix to watch TV shows, The anime, and movies without ads. currently on Netflix 2 seasons about 51 Episodes of Black clover are available to stream in HD. Netflix offers Subversion of Black clover staring Gakuto Kajiwara, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Kana Yuuki

Netflix Subscribed members can download movies, anime, and TV shows on IOS, Android, or Windows for $9 per month

How to get a 1month free subscription on Netflix?

If you want to watch any show on Netflix but free. Read my post

First, sign up on Netflix after they will ask you your any plan. Just you add your card detail and Netflix will allow you to watch any show or anime for free on Netflix. And after 1 month you cancel your payment.

The Plan and Pricing

On Netflix there are 4 planes

1) Mobile Plan -: ₹199 per month and In US $2.71 per month.

2) Basic -: ₹499 per month and in US $6.79 per month.

3) Standard -: ₹649 per month and in US $8.84 per month.

4) Premium-: ₹799 per month and in US $10.88 per month

2) Black Clover Hulu

Black Clover Hulu
Black Clover Hulu

Currently, only one season of Black clover is available on Hulu, and it’s not clear whether the remaining seasons of anime will hit the streaming platform or not. so until it clears by Hulu it is advisable to go for Netflix or Funimation if you are into Dub

The Hulu is the biggest on-demand video service. Which allows a there Subscribed member to watch or stream any TV shows, anime, etc.

Subscribed members can download movies, anime, and TV shows on IOS, Android, or Windows.

The Plan and Pricing

On Hulu there are 4 planes

1) Hulu plan -: $5.99/month

2) Hulu Disney+ESPN -: In this plan you will get Disney+ESPN in $12.99/month

3) Hulu (No Ads) -: In this plan no ads will disturb you while watching shows. In $11.99/month

4) Get Hulu + Live TV -: In this plan, you can Watch 60+ channels live & on-demand. In $54.99/month

3) Black Clover Crunchyroll

Black Clover Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll offers all-season of Black clover subversion just after one day of original air episode in japan which is really fast compared to another streaming services

Crunchyroll is the best source for watching anime.
it is an anime-streaming platform that brings some of the best shows and mangas. No matter where you live in the world Crunchyroll is available

In Crunchyroll There are two type of service free and paid.

In free service there will plenty of ads throughout your shows. But it is good.

In paid there will be no ads throughout your shows. Which is also fine.
There are 3 plans for paid.

The Plan and Pricing for paid Hulu

1) Basic plan -: $7.99/mo+TAX

2) Standard plan -: $9.99/mo+TAX

3) More then Premium -: $79.99/yr+TAX

4) Funimation

Black clover Funimation
source- Funimation

Funimation offers all seasons of Black clover in English dub it is also the biggest anime anime-streaming platform. But Funimation not available in some countries like India, Pakistan, etc.

Only in this country, Funimation is available US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

Plan and pricing

1) Premium plan -: $5.99 per month

2) Premium Plus :- $7.99 per month

3) Premium Plus Ultra:- $99.99 per year

5) Black clover Adult swim

Black clover Adult swim
Black clover Adult swim

Adult Swim offers all-season of Black clover but you had to subscribe to its cable service to stream anime episodesAdult Swim is also a very fine anime-streaming website. the arm of Cartoon Network, and broadcasts in the evenings for two hours.

Far from being for kids, though, Adult Swim caters to an adult audience, with risque themes, sometimes crude humor, and a lot more strong language than you’d expect from a cartoon channel.

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If you are a fan of the subversion of black clover then it better to go with Crunchyroll. if you planning to watch black clover in dub then better go for Funimation. if you already had a Netflix subscription then you can stream 2 seasons of black clover and about Hulu, you can ignore until Hulu clarify about forthcoming Black clover seasons