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Where to watch Anime for free in 2020


Where to watch Anime the latest and most updated episodes of your favorite show online for free

Anime getting popular almost in every part of the world initially I thought it’s just a cartoon with big eyes and pretty girls but my perspective changed after I started watching Naruto it changed me like literally it gives me direction give me a way to follow my dream, make me believe nothing is impossible

Don’t underestimate me! I don’t quit and I don’t run.” Naruto

What is Anime

Anime is a Japanese cartoon where every scene animated with traditional hand drawing but now most of Anime uses both hand and digital animation technique which enhance fighting sequence and give more depth in the emotional scene to the character

I watched many different types of Anime after finishing Naruto but every time I faced the same problem Where to watch Anime I lived outside of japan hence none of the show telecasts in my region so the only potion left is to watch Anime online.

Watching Anime online is a good idea I thought but the real problem starts now initially, I just stream some website and they are terrible, some are buffering for an hour, some website won’t load or some just stop in mid of fighting scene so I test various websites during these time and found some of the very best websites which I telling you today

Where to watch Anime online for best and smooth streaming experience

Where to watch Anime

If you stream Anime online then you probably heard about this site, 9anime offer streaming in the ultra-high-definition which enhance the watching experience

9Anime is one of the most updated anime sites you can expect new episodes after a couple of days from the original serves minimal ads compared to other popular streaming websites.

the navigation of this website is simple and easy to understand, you can also request for new anime from the request section, this website consists of popular anime such as Boruto, Naruto, My hero academia, Attack on Titan and many more

Anime is categorized by genre which makes easier to find your favorite anime but you cannot download anime you had to stream it online which solve your question of Where to Watch Anime

Kissanime is the most popular website of these lists it offers both dub and sub anime if you are a manga reader then there also a separate section for manga lovers

It offers a wide range of resolution option which is useful for people who low on data, kissanime is a well-organized site consist of almost all anime, it also shows a countdown for next episode which is easy to understand

you can steam Anime in high resolution and download at the same time but you had to register on kissanime to get the download link.

Its free streaming website hence you had to prepare for ads and human verification process which is annoying some times

Crunchyroll is the best premium anime streaming site that had tie-ups with the production house for frequent and fast episodes update.

Where to watch Anime legally Crunchyroll is one of the best option

this site consists of less to no ads as per your membership, offers a smooth and reliable connection for streaming on Laptop and also on a mobile device via an official app

Crunchyroll consists of almost all recent anime in its library and also offer a forum to fans is known for its episodes to update speed about 10x faster than its competitor and it also offers smooth streaming experience compare to other free streaming websites

chia anime consists of almost all anime and subtitles version for an international is a well-categorized website which makes easy to access favorite anime

Its free streaming websites hence it contains ads that are annoying some times but other than that it is a great website and closest alternative to kissanime.

you can also download your favorite anime in chia anime tv

chia anime is also solved your query where to watch anime

gogoanime has lots of popular anime under its collection and they regularly update their collection

this website devoted to streaming only Japanese Anime but also consists of some dubbed show under its belt. offer decent navigation and a well-organized website.

this site had a separate movie section for Japanese anime movie lovers where you can stream in full HD resolution also you can download them.this is one of those sites which I recommended to every anime lover to check out if you want to know where to watch anime.

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This is yet another streaming site that needs attention consists of a nicely organized library were searching any show is super easy .this website consists less to no ads compared to others which bombard us with tons of annoying ads

Animeheaven consistently updates episodes and all famous show such as Naruto,boruto, one-piece, dragon ball are available to stream and you can also download them and watch whenever you want without an internet connection

Anime freak is also one of the excellent websites with blog-like design, you can easily find your favorite Anime via an alphabetical list, the exclusive content found on this site cant be found on another website.

you can also read Manga on this site and stream the latest episode in both English and subversion most importantly Animefreak update anime most frequently and most importantly this site is free but you had to face some annoying adds

Animefreak also launch there a mobile application for Andriod device



Funimation is one of the best legally streamable website where you can stream Japanese show with subtitles and dub anime but you need a membership for that

Funimation had the biggest flaw that is only available in a certain part of the world so you need VPN to access this site


Animedao had a well-balanced list of a show which they update frequently website features a user-friendly design which makes it easier to locate any show.

It showcases the recently released and trending show list with a long list of anime this site showcases Japenese show as well as English dub show for a western audience

you can stream any show online but you cant download them is the best anime streaming website which is relatively new compared to other websites showcases US license anime shows.

It offers both Japanese and dub show free of cost and contains minimum to low ads

It offers all ongoing and popular anime free of cost under one roof with a well-organized site design, you can search your favorite show by genre or by searching manually. but streaming is not yet supported in all countries

some honorable mention which left out are Hulu, Aniwatcher

So these are some of the best websites to stream anime online.

which original anime available on Netflix

  • Aggretsuko
  • Devilman Crybaby
  • SWORDGAI The Animation
  • A.I.C.O. -Incarnation-
  • B: The Beginning

which original anime available on Hulu

At the end whichever website you choose for watching your favorite show, You must enjoy your favorite show to fullest which makes you cry and laugh make you feel there anger, make you happy with there success so embrace your journey.

Happy Anime watching

where can watch anime online?

There are various websites where you can watch anime for free with some ads , but our top picks are , ,

where can watch anime Legally? , funimation , Hulu are some websites where you can stream Anime legally with high resolution and no annoying ads

where can watch anime online for free?

There are few websites where you can watch Anime for free with minimum ads are , ,

What is the best anime on Netflix?

The some original Anime Netflix offers are Aggretsuk, Devilman Crybaby, SWORDGAI The Animation, A.I.C.O. -Incarnation-, B: The Beginning

Is Netflix offers Anime?

Yes, Netflix had different section for anime where it offers both original and some famous anime series to binge watch

Is there anime on Hulu?

Yes, Hulu had large library of anime such as Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, Black Clover, Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood, Girls und Panzer

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