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Top leading Anime production houses come together to counter-piracy

Anime production houses

Top leading Anime production houses in japan such as Toei Animation known for the epic Dragon ball saga, Kodansha popularly know for famous anime such as Attack on Titan and Fairy tail other some popular anime content providers have come together to start a channel on YouTube. The goal is to have 30 companies providing 3,000 anime titles by 2022, with the number of views per month reaching 300 million.

It is great news for fans who don’t live in developed western countries where Funimation and Crunchyroll not available some illegal streaming sites take advantage of this scenario but now this new development brings some hope.

Anime production houses
Black jack

According to a recent survey in 2019 by the Association of Japanese Animations’, says the industry enjoyed astonishing growth for the sixth straight year, with earnings totaling $20 billion. Streaming grew 10%.

In such scenarios illegal site such as kissanime, gogoanime and torrent site pose the biggest threat to growing industry but the new move from top makers not only spoil torrenting site but satisfy fans

Animelog, or Anilog, the channel was launched this Friday by Analyzelog, The channel currently offers shows in regional languages I.e Japanese so there target audience currently is regional, but there are also plans to add sub-titled content in English and Chinese for overseas Anime fans.

We are working on making it available to view AnimeLog outside of Japan. We will let you know on Twitter and Instagram as soon as it’s ready.

AnimeLog アニメログ

So this is great news for the western English-speaking audience, they already launched a Youtube channel named Animelog Global.

Animelog currently offering the “Black Jack” series, based on a popular Osama Tezuka manga, and which was aired in the 2000s by Yomiuri TV and “Future Boy Conan,” a 1978 anime Miyazaki, produced by Nippon Animation and co-directed by Hayao Miyazaki.

Animelog further added

“There exists a problem of illegal video distribution service these days, but “AnimeLog” will distribute only officially-licensed animations and operate as a safe channel that families can enjoy together,” said Analyzelog in a statement.


Analyzelog was assembled in 2018 with major capital backing from U.S.  investor “Next10 Ventures” and its founder Benjamin Grubbs. It has since bags numerous business and investment alliances with Popular Anime companies including Toei Animation (December 2019), Shogakukan (April 2020), and last month with animation studio Shin Ei Animation

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