The PS5 is coming – but will it hit in December 2019?


As everyone geared for next big thing, fans are excited for the next generation of gaming consoles – and the PlayStation 5 also know as ps5 topples everyone’s wishlist.

After a glorious run of PS4 which become sony most selling console after ps2, but according to latest rumors ps4 is on its end as ps5 release date rumor emerged online.

The rumor takes the heat in early 2019 as Mark Cerny, the chief architect on Sony’s next console popularly know as ps5 confirms sony planing successor to ps4 slim and ps4 pro but he didn’t confirm name and release date at that time, but most recent rumors are high that ps5 will hit store in holiday 2020.

But the Latest leak from insider suggests that it will hit the store next year on holiday 2020 PS5 release date.

When is PS5 coming out

According to the latest bite from insider ps5 popularly know as Playstation 5 slated to release on Holiday next year. A leak has suggested that the release date will be between October and December 2020.

Latest PS5 News and Rumors 

  1. Microsoft officially unveiled most awaited Xbox Series X popularly know as Project Scarlett, A tower-shaped gaming console that supports up to 8k resolution, 120fps framerates, ray tracing and faster loading times slated to release on next Holiday 2020 which make it a direct competition to ps5.
  2. PS5 may launch PS5 PRO alongside its base variant on next holiday 2020
  3.  PS5 may allow two players to share inputs in a single-player game, similar to the Xbox’s copilot feature. 
  4. PS5 SPEC Sony’s Mark Cerny spills beans on the various key spec of sony’s next-generation console, additionally, he also reveals there is some key spec which is not named officially. so gear up for some steamy news from tech giant in near future.

The key spec of PS5

  •  8-core AMD chipset (based on third-generation Ryzen architecture and with Navi GPU By Nvidea)
  • SSD storage system
  • Backward compatibility with PS4 games
  • Enhanced 3D audio
  • Up to 8K resolution
  • 120 fps support up to 4k resolution
  • PS5 could even support Nvidia G-Sync
  • PS VR hardware support

The piece of information we have is given by PlayStation Mark Cerny, the chief architect on Sony’s next-gen console, according to his stint in Wired interview and several other portal confirm that sony once again pairing with its long-time partner AMD to handle core internal of  its system, The two tech giant come together to combine Central processing unit(CPU) and Graphics processing unit (GPU), The seamless integration between two play important role in overall system performance know as  custom system-on-chip package – or an SoC

PS4 also know as PLAYSTATION4 brings a revolution in the gaming industry with its top-notch spec and unique features with improved DS4(Dualshock4)dominates the Gaming console race. now SONY confirms ps5 release date the stakes are high gaming industry change since original PS4 launch to top its game sony had to use top line processor and graphic card(GPU). Xbox also coming with recently reveled X series popularly know as Project Scarlett.

The sony wants to redefine the gaming industry, want to set some high standards when it comes to Frame rate, resolution, power management, and loading time to match these ambition sony need some high power behind the door to make it happen.TO match sony’s grand ambition AMD comes with a custom made third-generation Ryzen 3 CPU, the 8 core custom made GPU integrates with Sony home series  Graphic card line know as NAVI line graphic card which uses AMD’s 7nm Zen Microarchitecture. 

That detail in the PS5 specs is vital, Sony accepts, as it will open the potential for tremendous visual and sound upgrades, for example, the ability to animate 3D sound and Ray tracing which is recently by Nvidea.

The previous point is fabulous news, as article based positional sound –, for example, DTS: X or Dolby Atmos – can possibly truly change the manner in which we see sound in gaming. PS5 sound, Sony keeps up, is especially improved in case you’re utilizing earphones, despite the fact that the organization is yet to affirm whether the PS5 will support the genuine binaural sound.

In any case, Sony has distinguished that sound is one territory it accepts this present age has ps4 fizzled, and a particular sound processor will surely be a major piece of the PS5 specs to guarantee that designers can convey progressively powerful soundscapes without the sound handling consuming CPU assets, as is so typical today. Given that the Xbox One X offered Dolby Atmos support in 2017, it’s great to see Sony focusing on improving a territory of its reassure structure it had left shockingly unaddressed up until this point.

One of the major highlights of PS5 spec is cutting edge Ray tracing which unveiled recently by Nvidea. Mark Cerny also comment on how PS5 will handle revolutionary Light TECHNOLOGY according to him it not integrated on the software level but on the Hardware front. “There is a ray-tracing acceleration in the GPU hardware, which I believe is the statement that people were looking for,” says Cerny.

Sony is additionally stating that the PS5 will likewise be future-sealed to upscale up to 8K FPS and edge rates at 120 Hz, yet It will fully support 4k resolution at 60 frames per second.

Sony is playing this one near the chest, giving simply enough subtleties of the PS5 specs to show that it is planning to bring a support far better than the PS4 Pro, yet keep only enough down that it’s hard to make any considerable ends about how it piles facing Microsoft’s Xbox x Project Scarlett or Google Stadia. One basic method for estimating potential graphical/control yield is to measure its teraflops, however, Sony has been reluctant to talk even in these terms at this moderately beginning time of generation.

We’re barely a year from formal launch of the PS5, considerably less it’s accepted ‘Holiday 2020’ Release date and that implies there’s still a lot of time for Sony’s specialists to upgrade its SoC plan, also guarantee that it has enough assets set up to integrate the CPU and GPU chips it needs to match enormous demand. The FACTS will CONTINUE TO BE SAME BUT  however detail will be change. launching another console is a dubious business, and Sony will uncertainty be working out what it can and can’t offer at dispatch with the assets it needs to hand.


The Last of us director hints PlayStation 5 complete removal of the loading screen

Both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles will diminish load times impressively, and it appears to be some PlayStation 5 games, if not all, will get rid of stacking and annoying loading screens completely.

On his Twitter profile, The Last of Us Part II co-game chief Kurt Margenau remarked on load screens, mockingly asking what loading screens individuals are looking at, alluding to the way that, in any event, Naughty Dog games, won’t have them in future games.

We have known for quite a while that the PlayStation 5 console will boot up in no time. Back in May, Sony exhibited the new comfort’s heap times by demonstrating Marvel Spider-Man by Insomniac stacking in 0.8 seconds, rather than the 8.10 seconds expected to load the game on PlayStation 4 Pro.

The two consoles are being said to be practically even as far as power, however, an ongoing report proposes that the PlayStation 5 is in front of the Xbox Series X as far as game execution. is a far superior PS5 Release date

While SSDs have been commonly found in PCs and PCs for the majority of 10 years, producers have since quite a while ago attempted to get the crashes into customary comfort equipment.

Sony now trusts it has discovered an answer for this specific issue, and it accepts this apparently basic change will radically lessen stacking times and improve execution in all cases.

The SSD overall decrease the loading time of console and make it more efficient to execute task but also increase its price it’s interesting to see how ps5 hold its price segment.

Will PS4 support Backward Compatibility

I still remember days while PS4 newly announced I  and everybody in my friend circle had the same question will it support Backward compatibility some classic old pss3 and ps2 game which is dear to them and they couldn’t play them any longer because their console broke  so they curious to know will it support previous console game which would solve there problem they can enjoy both new consoles with new edge-cutting graphic game and old-time classic which are very close to there heart but ps4 not support backward compatibility which breaks there heart and some of them also loose there hope to buy ps4

As the PS5 Release date is about less than a year the rumor speculated that ps5 will support Backward compatibility .it will be fully compatible with your favorite PS4 game which you buy for your old gaming console.

If this rumor is true then it will surely increase PS5 sales undoubtedly as pere as Xbox x concern it already confirmed that it will support Backward compatibility hence to match Xbox in competition sony to likely come with these features to in upcoming gaming console

According to me, these is the best news coming from console developer as it supports backward compatibility since my console stop working and I think that my ps4 disc is worthless now unless I buy new ps4 console but now knowing relives hope in mind that my ps4 disc get extended life and make me excited for PS5 Release date

Is ps5 support backward compatibility then yes it will support backward compatibility.

Biggest and unanswered PS5 Question

Obviously, there are still such huge numbers of unanswered inquiries regarding the PS5 specs that will just come in time. We don’t yet have the foggiest idea what memory the PS5 will utilize, in spite of the fact that it would appear to be genuinely likely that Sony will send GDDR6 RAM – which is the thing that Microsoft has affirmed it is doing with Xbox Project Scarlett.

The PS4 offered GDDR5 RAM at dispatch, which worked at an expected 184GBps, which was later helped in the PS4 Pro to 218GBps. Microsoft had the option to improve its interior frameworks considerably more when the Xbox One X turned out, driving that up to 326GBps. It’s generally accepted that GDDR6 RAM could twofold this without essentially affecting force utilization.

PS5 release date

Actually, Microsoft is touting that its very own exclusive SSD can likewise be used to additionally accelerate information get to, going about as virtual RAM of sorts to help the GDDR6, should an engineer wish to do as such. Regardless of whether Sony will take action accordingly is not yet clear, yet we are so promptly in the day that there is still a lot of time for these inquiries to be replied. We don’t yet have a firm handle on how the PS5 will deal with Ray tracing following and whether it will be equipment quickened like Project Scarlett – AMD is still yet to appropriately detail this viewpoint to its very own chipsets, so this will no uncertainty come in time.

How much does a ps5 cost?

PS5 Schedule to launch between November and December of next year according to many sources it will price at about $499 but in some scenarios, it may go up to $599 let’s hope for the best

Costing is a crucial part in terms of future growth of gaming console if its price too much then it may adversely affect the selling of next-gen console.

Update: Latest leak suggest Ps5 price will stand around $470

PS5 launching title reveled

Godfall: First PS5-exclusive launch title announced so far, there are plenty of rumor circulating online about ps5 exclusive game wether watch dogs next series, GTA next installment but there is solid proof of that but now Godfall is one of first exclusive confirmed by the tech giant for the next-gen console.

Godfall is Created by Gearbox Publishing and Counterplay Games, who developed a popular game like borderland this studio which worked on God of War

Godfall is one of first exclusive  confirmed by sony for Holiday 2020 launch

PlayStation blog, Counterplay Games CEO Kevin Lee reveals that:

“Our goal with Godfall is to reforge fantasy ARPG-style loot progression and third-person melee combat into a whole new genre: The Looter-Slasher. Namely, our game is uniquely one-part gear driven and one-part player-skill driven. 

“Godfall retains the desire for offense-oriented, mastery-driven combat, rewarding you with head-turning, powerful loot that then inspires your next set of character builds.”

It seems like a new  ARPG style reforges fantasy which established an entirely new genre called “looter-slasher”.Godfall will be a lower slasher game driven by mystery combat and rewarding quest.

Godfall announced  by makers at the Games Awards 2019 (the same event where Microsoft unveiled the Xbox Series X

 which is also releasing with the ps5 PS5 Release date in Holiday 2020


  • A patent application published in Japan
  • A patent application published in Japan has revealed the NEW design of the ps5 controller.
  • According to the latest leak, PS5 controller design wise similar to DS4 but the only difference is Type c port and absence of light bar.
  • Latest controller by Sony support advance haptic feedback
  • Ps5 controller comes with a larger battery than DS4 
  • unannounced ps5 features 

According to an interview given by Mark Cerny at wired,  there are some new and unique features that PlayStation console 5 had that not yet announced r you can say that not officially named by makers.

So get ready to be amazed and stay tuned with these blog for another tech news about ps5 in the future and about PS5 release date.


The PS5 comes with steller GPU AND CPU combo of AMD 8 core processor and Navi series graphic card with resolution support up to 8k resolution at 120 FPS since it consists powerful integration between GPU and CPU it also supports RAY TRACING with SSD storage with reduced loading speed for the more immersive gaming experience. The PS5 comes with an upgraded gaming controller consisting of type c support and a large battery with backward compatibility slated to release in PA5  RELEASE DATE IN HOLIDAY 2020.

Are you excited for PS5 release date and which features you like the most comment below

so what your thought on the PS5 release date 

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