Naruto One Of The Most Important Key Event Which Decide Naruto’s Future
             ONe of the key event in naruto which decide who Naruto is, A hero or villain, Naruto is guy who does stupid thing to get recognized by people, to get noticed by other to tell them I am also hear ,he does stupid thing painting walls ,messing up with people to get validation of himself from them,to get notice but people ignore him.
The first moment of emotional significance in the Naruto franchise arrived in the opening episode and helped draw viewers in by promising depth in addition to the exciting ninja action and flashy moves.
Having learned that the Nine-Tailed Fox trapped inside Naruto killed Iruka’s parents, the audience perhaps wouldn’t expect the academy teacher to be particularly fond of the young ninja. However, when faced against his rogue colleague Mizuki, Iruka reveals the respect and admiration he truly feels for Naruto, with the youngster secretly listening in from the shadows, crying at his teacher’s heartfelt words.
                          Iruka get in front of the blade, the blade hit him at back and his blood following on naruto says “why, why you save me,”
naruto key event
                                           Iruka says, “because we are the same, wann see me and to know my name my school, work wasn’t good enough to get attention so I did crazy thing I know that how you feel Naruto, you feel lonely and its hurt inside and I couldn’t there for you more , I let you down I am sorry”
Naruto One Of The Most Important Key Event  Which Decide Naruto Future
                                  While Mizuki trying to provoke Naruto that why Iruka hates him, Iruka tries to convince him, Mizuki corner Iruka and says “he is beast, he want to scroll for his own good that he beast is Iruka says “yes that’s how the beast is”, Naruto hearing from shadows
                                          Iruka says”but Naruto is one kind, has different, puts his full heart into it sure he messes up sometimes and everyone jumps on him, but he nothing like him(nine tails)”.
these one moment gave naruto identity as Naruto as a ninja and not that demon fox.

The duo would go on to develop an even stronger relationship and in the final episode of   Naruto     Shippuuden, Naruto asks Iruka to attend his forthcoming wedding to Hinata.

as his father.                                                                                                                                                                                Thank You For Reading If You Like this post then pls comment it helps a lot and give MOTIVATION  or If you don’t like then also comment try to do best in next post