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Naruto fate revealed by the creator of Boruto

naruto fate

Must caution you before you begin reading this may contain spoilers from Boruto Manga. As far back as the beginning of the new adventure in  Boruto – Naruto The Next Generations the discussion about Naruto’s passing is the hottest topic. if you are following the Boruto manga then you should need to realize that the Naruto fate is already sealed as we saw in the first chapter of Manga. What’s more, Kawaki at the beginning threatened  Boruto saying  “I will be sending you to meet 7….. so this huge revelation truly did pump question is  Naruto Death? this news drummed up some excitement over the web. Trust it or not, Naruto is likely dead in the Boruto manga, or maybe sealed in another dimension

But the question is how one of the strongest ninjas who defeated the god and much more strong shinobi died easily by Kawaki. We all grow up watching these ninja Naruto following his own path tackling all loneliness and darkness in the world with his positivity he taught us many things about the life he became strong in tackling all odds so we can’t accept such a character going to die There are different theories surrounding Naruto death and it’s still not confirmed what actually will happen to Naruto his fate is locked in the Boruto series. and what about Sasuke where is he or he is also dead

Naruto suffered a worse fate than death revealed in the latest chapter of Boruto

Naruto fought many mighty foes Kaguya, Madara , Obito, Pain every time he not only won but knock some sense into his enemies. he many times come close to death but evade it every time. but as we shift into a new era our heroes foe are at a different level Jigen revealed he possessed by the mysterious Isshiki Ōtsutsuki

Naruto finds himself in a tight position, facing a villain like no other a true being with godlike power comes here to consume all chakra. Sadly, Naruto loses the battle our hero falls, there is no hope for Naruto to win

Naruto fate

Isshiki know that he doesn’t want him to die easily he wants him to suffer mentally for spoiling his plans

Naruto and Sasuke lose the fight against Isshiki in the Isshikis hidden dimension. Luckily, Sasuke uses in Rinnegan to teleport out of dimension, leave naruto behind as he pinned down by Isshiki chakra rod. there nowhere to run as Naruto pinned down and badly injured Sasuke can’t help Hokage. Sasuke returns to own dimension in hope of some reinforcement

But, Isshiki spares Naruto owing killing him required huge chakra and that made Jigen real body vulnerable, make him exposed and he doesn’t want to take that risk as naruto had nine tails know as Kurama had huge chakra. he doesn’t think that risk is worth taking so  Isshiki seals Naruto in a kettle-like coffin, which cuts his chakra off from the real world and makes him powerless.

Naruto sealed

Kawaki’s prostatic arm detaches from his body and falls on the ground which confirms at this point Naruto had no associated with the real world, and he’s pretty much dead. To be more precise, Naruto exists in a limbo world from which he can’t get away, cut off from the ones he cherishes until Isshiki chooses something else. To exacerbate it, Isshiki is inferring delight as he needs Naruto alive and mindful to see the ninja world without chakra. It’s tormenting, of the body,  Not even Kurama can get away from this situation, which means they’re pretty much dead to everybody, watching and feeling as their loved ones become Isshiki’s play tool as he expects to suck the planet’s chakra tally dry

Naruto is additionally frozen when Isshiki reveals to him that he will follow Boruto, who has the Karma mark Isshiki set on Kawaki – another vessel experienced in this world and more ideal than Jigen. Realizing his child is fundamentally an obvious objective for Isshiki, is very painful for naruto, as Isshiki inflicts pain and suffering on his Family and Konoha while Hokage trapped rendered useless.

KAWAKI gonna kill NARUTO

At the point when Kawaki was conversing with Boruto in the manga section, he said: “I will send you where I sent the Seventh Hokage”. Along these lines, is Naruto really dead or is he in some kind of other dimensions from where nobody can return? Is kawaki is stronger than Naruto and Sasuke? All things considered, why Kawaki is stronger than Naruto or Sasuke? The only way Kawaki could be more powerful than Naruto is by hereditary cloning or DNA of both Naruto and Sasuke. This is the only route with which Kawaki can end up stronger than Naruto.


update-Its not confirmed but as of now he is sealed by Isshiki

The seal on Kawaki hand is another sign kind of Karma seal that he has. He has seals staring him in the face and Boruto has those seals staring him in the face as well. Possibly something one of a kind has occurred in the Boruto or some kind of new powers are presented in the anime which can vanquish or defeat likes of Naruto and Sasuke.

One thing is for certain that Kawaki is no straightforward shinobi he is on a totally unique level. He will have something extremely special and intense that could vanquish Naruto. There is another plausibility too that Naruto isn’t dead and he is in another world or dimension. This has been done in the Boruto – Naruto The Movie and in the latest Boruto episode too where he was caught by Momoshiki and afterward saved by the Kages and Sasuke and Boruto.

There are insufficient bits of confirmation accessible to help the way that Naruto is dead. Naruto has been around for quite a long time and he has an immense fan base and killing him is an enormous hazard. They could be raised to start a start with the goal that individuals watch Boruto. In any case, Naruto kicking the bucket in the Boruto anime doesn’t appear to be persuading. The truth will surface eventually what will occur in the Manga and for that, we should wait. one of the greatest moments in Naruto’s which changes Naruto’s destiny.

Boruto eye power is a mystery to know more 

Things being what they are, what do you think about the Naruto passing? Is Naruto Going To Die in Boruto? Disclose to us what you think in the comment section below


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