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‘Black Clover’ Takes Place Within the Harry Potter Universe Confirms J.K. Rowling

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‘Black Clover’ Takes Place Within the Harry Potter Universe Confirms J.K. Rowling
‘Black Clover’ Takes Place Within the Harry Potter Universe Confirms J.K. Rowling

Black Clover comes to its season finale after the 66th episode. The adventure of Yuno and Asta which inspire us throughout season 2 come to its finale on January 15, 2019. Black Clover starts with a bang but its content, storytelling and shows quality continue to rise throughout season 2. The anime had its critics, and people criticizing show lot. it’s funny to see people who were once heavily criticizing the show are now the most vocal in support of the anime.

Presently, as I was stating that the second season of Black Clover is going wrap up soon. The fans need to get news about the arrival of the new season as fast as could be expected under the circumstances. So far we haven’t got any news from the studio or any of the staff individuals about the new season. One may address whether the show will get another season and it’s a reasonable concern.

Acclaimed British author J.K. Rowling has confirmed today that the famous shonen series Black Clover happens in the Harry Potter universe.

“I’ve yet to actually watch the cartoon or read the comic, but I’ve heard on good authority from my legal team that Black Clover has lifted a variety of core themes and aspects from my works, without my consent,” Rowling explained while speaking from her summer estate – an exact scale replica of Hogwarts castle. “Rather than moving straight to litigation, I have made the executive decision to welcome Black Clover into the Harry Potter universe.”

“My fiction is completely inclusive and is open to everyone, even muggles!” explained Rowling, taking an uncomfortable amount of time to laugh at her own joke.

her disclosure comes in wake of a progression of other out-of-content remarks made by Rowling in regards to various legend focal characters. This brought about a reaction from fans, who consider them to be as carelessly shoehorning qualities and backstory onto long existing characters so as to appear to be progressively comprehensive

“I’m very excited to reveal Asta, the Black Clover protagonist, is secretly a furry, identifying himself with the fursona ‘Chungus Whitepaw’,” Rowling claimed.

Series creator Tabata Yuuki says he was unaware that Black Clover had been added into the Harry Potter universe due to his “very strict schedule”, but was glad to hear the series was getting more attention and consideration from western audiences. When asked about the allegations of plagiarism, Tabata replied, “I would never in my life steal from something as stupid as Harry Potter. I’ve only taken inspiration from the great literary works of our time – The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Naruto.”

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