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Black Clover: The 10 Most Powerful Characters

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Who are Black Clover powerful Characters? Black Clover is a story about two orphans Asta and Yuno, Asta born with no magic power which is rare in the magical word while Yuno born with amazing skill and great magic power both aspire to become Wizard King.

Black Clover has become one of the most popular mainstream anime-manga now. The current arc– Spade kingdom is a lot more extensive point of view than simply the Clover kingdom. The current arc presented different new characters like Princess Lolopechka and the Dark triad from Heart and Spade kingdom, individuals

These new characters, being the most powerful of all, now let see the most powerful mages of the clover kingdom.

The vast majority of the characters in the anime are incredible in light of the fact that they either utilize amazing magic or they consolidate their huge mana to overpower their adversaries or foe. This rundown will concentrate solely on characters who are known for having staggering magic control, battling capacity, just as their general quality in the anime and manga.

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Here is a rundown highlighting the 10 most dominant characters in Black Clover!

The 10 Most Black Clover Powerful Characters

It would be ideal if you consider that the following rundown contains spoilers from the manga and anime

10] Nozel Silva
Captain of silver eagles and head of house Silva

Most Powerful Characters IN BLACK CLOVER

Nozel silva the captain of silver eagles. and royal blood he contains grant him an immense amount of magic power. he can create an intense powerful shield around himself by his unique mercury magic. Nozal can adjust in any circumstance, even in war. he can quickly adapt to any situation which allows him to make an assortment of shapes and structure.

09)Yami sukehiro

Yami sukehiro
Yami sukehiro

“This is the first time I’ve seen royalty that was labeled a failure… If you feel like fighting against it all, come with me.” – Yami Sukehiro

Yami sukehiro the captain of Black bull. Is the most loved character by fans. Yami contains dark magic and can absorb other forms of magic into his darkness. In anime, Yami was a master in sending ki and in controlling the mana zone. by lacing his sword with dark light and using the katana swiftly to subdue his opponents. Yami comes from another land except for four kingdoms. 

08) Fuegoleon Vermillion

Fuegoleon Vermillion
Fuegoleon Vermillion

“Being weak is nothing to be ashamed of… Staying weak is!” – Fuegoleon Vermillion

Fuegoleon Vermillion the captain of crimson lion kings. Fuegoleon is the strongest fire mage in the clover kingdom.

He is additionally the most eligible contender for the title of 29th Wizard King followed by Yami and Nozel Silva. Being an excellent fire magic-user. Fuegoleon has indicated the best authority characteristics among other Magic Knights Captain and is an eminent tactician for war.

After Fana’s defeated by asta, fire soul Salamander picked Fuegoleon as its next partner.

07) Mereoleona Vermillion

Mereoleona Vermillion
Mereoleona Vermillion

Mereoleona is very-very powerful. no other magic knight captain in the clover kingdom is as powerful as Mereoleona. she had no interest in politics or leadership, Fuegoleon was chosen as captain of crimson lion kings. But I think she was the best option for the captain of Crimson Lion kings

She can utilize Mana as her protection cover. Aside from being a strong fire magic user, she is an incredible teacher instructor and planner. She was additionally the captain of the Royal Knights.

06) Princess Lolopechk

Princess Lolopechk
Princess Lolopechk source Fandom

I may not look it, but in front of the people of the Heart Kingdom, I do try to behave properly, as their princess. And so I’m happy to have made friends I can be myself with. I’m glad I was able to get to know you” -Princess Lolopechk

Princess Lolopechka is the present leader of the Heart Kingdom and the wielder of the water soul. She is strong and simply queen and organizes the wellbeing of her citation. Lolopechka is a user of Water magic and the Spirit magic. She has monstrous magic power, so much that she can match a whole Magic Knights squad by herself(and that is stating something!). She is additionally ready to hold a realm wide mana obstruction constantly.

05) Vanica

Vanica source Fandom

“I want to get all fired up with the tough guys who manage to survive in a place like that. Humans who are weak enough to die don’t interest me. ” — Vanica

Vanica is additionally one of the three leaders of the Spade Kingdom and the host of the devil Megicula. the main female individual from the Dark Triad. She makes things done with an impact – absolutely inverse of Zenon.

Vanica is an enthusiastic person who does things for her own entertainment. She hates being bored and is inclined to jealousy. She jumps at the chance to battle individuals who are in acceptable condition since she accepts that it is more enjoyable than battling more powerful opponents. She likes to fight with strong rivals derides weaker opponents as “trash” and rather wants to fight amazingly incredible opponents.

04) Julius Novachrono

Julius Novachrono
Julius Novachrono

Julius Novachrono is the 28th Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom. He is an awesome warrior and a much more fantastic ruler. He is simply and noble and is adored by his subjects more than the genuine lord of the Clover Kingdom. He likes to see new kinds of magic power. Julius is a Time user, which is very uncommon as he can control and manipulate time itself.

03) Dante

Dante source Fandom

“Humans are evil incarnate. Rage, fear, hate, revenge, destruction… Evil is humanity’s true nature. As such, this world is too dull for us”-Dante

Dante is right now the most powerful mage in the Black Clover universe. He is the third leader of the Spade Kingdom and the head of the Dark Triad. He has a turned character and sees individuals with low mana as only his pawns

Dante is an Arcane Stage mage with his magic being Gravity. Other than his overwhelmed enchantment, Dante has the unstoppable mana from the devil and incredible control over it.

Both Dante and Vanica are known to have magic comparable to the “devil, However, Megicula is the primary adversary of the arc, so the devil of Kotadama magic is utilized as a kind of perspective for Devil and Vanica.

02) Zenon

Zenon Zogratis
Zenon Zogratis source Fandom

Zenon is one of the three leaders of the Spade Kingdom and the most powerful mage from the Dark Triad. He is steady, strong, and a magnificent military officer.

Zenon utilizes this magic property to produce and control bones.[3] He typically releases massive tangles knot of bones that offer no openings to evade and are sharp similar to spere, He can build these bones’ recovery for defensive purposes, fixing them quicker than they can be destroyed. He can also shape the bones into weapons to amplify by hand, similar to a blade

1) Megicula

Megicula source Fandom

“Even though you are abysmally inferior to us, sometimes you cast spells that go beyond our expectations. Humans truly are intriguing”-Megicula

Megicula is Strongest Black Clover Character in Black clover.he is a devil and at present the most powerful character in the Black Clover universe. He is a devil in union with the Spade Kingdom mages. Megicula has boundless magic power and he uses Curse magic. He is the person who put a curse on the mother of Noel and Noel’s mom – Acier Silva, which eventually let her death. He has presently positioned a curse on Lolopechka – the princess of the Heart Kingdom. 

So here is list of my Black Clover powerful Characters what is your list let me know in comment section below

UPDATE-One user pointed out Megicula is a girl, but we don’t know about the gender

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Black Clover is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Yuki Tabata. Black Clover is adapted into original video animation(OVA) as well as Anime television series by Xebec and Pierrot which premiered in Japan in 2017.

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