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Black Clover Black Bull member Ranked

Back Clover Black Bull

Back Clover Black Bull is regarded as the worst squad among Clover Kingdom’s Magic Knights. The Black Bull squad is known for its reckless and irresponsible behavior led by Captain Yami sukehiro

I’m going be ranking every member in Back Clover Black Bull from weakest to strongest, my rankings on this list are also biased towards powerful

Back Clover Black Bull member ranked strongest to weakest



Grey has extremely useful magic called transformation magic, that can come in handy when she can use it in combination with her teammates. she can transform herself into anyone thereby, she can catch the opponent off guard. And also she can also convert anyone’s magic into another type of magic. so when fighting with someone, she had an advantage. Gray’s power a great use for the black bulls, however on her own gray would have trouble defeating her opponents. she has no significant attacks that is one of the disadvantages of her. she only constantly be on the defensive. For e reasons, I have to put gray at the bottom Back Clover Black Bull list.

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13.Finral Roulacase

Black clover Finral Roulacase
Finral Roulacase

Finral the lady lover. Use special magic. Means transportation magic. By making portals finral can transport anything from one place to another and also Finral contains special magic. Fallen angel this spell has a big drawback, that it slowly follows the target. and when it comes to contact with the opponent they are forcibly teleported to the location of the users.

Like Grey, Finral also has no significant attack. Because of that Finral is a supportive character.


black cl;over Vanessa

Vanessa is a read magic-user. Also able to use the red thread of fate, which manifests as a red cat, that is able to change destiny. the cat is also harmless as a result this spell is great when you have teammates around so you can protect them from harm and they can focus on attacking the opponent, however this spell itself will be able to take the opponent out of commission. Vanessa nevertheless has other means that, she can use to defeat an opponent.

Her thread magic can work like a large spider web allowing her to catch opponents like flies. it comes to supporting her teammates and for that reason, she not rank higher on this list.

11.Gordon Agrippa

Black clover Gordon Agrippa
Gordon Agrippa

Gordon is a strong member of black bulls. He uses poison magic. Which is very useful in battle. and he has the advantage in stamina battles where he has to outlast his opponents.  His extended knowledge of curses is a powerful asset in battle as well.

Gordon grew up in the Agrippa family and lived most of the lonely. While not fitting with his family. he left his family to join black bulls. And now he believes that only the black bulls are his family.

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Black bull Magna

Magna is a strong character of black bulls, and there’s no surprise Magna beat out gourd, on this list Magna has many more offensive attacks than Gordon and fights more often – which suggests that he has more fighting experience not to mention, he is in competition with his best friend Luck who is very strong. throwing balls of fire at the opponent he can set the fireballs to explode after a period of time,

so that they can harm the opponent even. if they miss he also has tricky shots. which makes his fireballs harder to dodge and he can make his fireballs larger too. In the water temple, Magna was able to easily defeat one of the priests by himself. And also Magna is not an exceptionally talented fighter.


Black clover Ghosh

Ghosh uses mirror magic. He is a strong fighter and like Magna, e is able to easily defeat LAN, the priest in the underwater temple on his own. Ghost posses are powerful attacks than Magna. He had a unique mirror magic tool in his eye. that can accumulate magic and make his spell stronger, he can create copies of himself. which surrounds an enemy target and he can also make a mirror manifest in a specific location and teleport in front of it.

we do not know the range of this ability but he used it to quickly get in front of Yami during the fight against Patri. who also calls himself licked at the time as we saw a giant mirror and reflect Patras light magic effectively.



Now we have Henry with his recombination magic. which lets him turned the black bull base into a mecha bull. that he can control, I said earlier in this list. I’m mainly focusing on how strong these characters are on but in Henry’s case, I am also thinking about how he would fight without the assistance of his allies in battle. but it should be noted. that he gets his magic power from the black bowl members.

Henry’s magic of recombination is very awesome by his magic he can make a giant bull can use a drill like a punch as well as a rocket punch. Because of that Hanry is standing in a high position on the list.

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Black clover Zora

Zora is one of the best fan loving characters of Black bulls. Zora uses trap magic and Ash magic. He 3rh class knight. His father was the first commoner on how to become the magic knight. series of unfortunate events that results in his father’s death. Zora’s specialty is trap magic and he spends most of his time during a battle setting traps and analyzing his opponent’s strategy. He is able to use his magic sparingly and has a huge amount of magic.

Due to his sharp intellect and his challenging upbringing, Zora is great at psyching out his opponents and setting deadly traps, even for the deadliest of foes. Royals beware.


Black clover charmy

on this next up we have the tiny but powerful charmy. With her cotton magic, she can create and control cotton at will and can even create sheep to fight for her. Food magic allows her to consume any other magic and restore her own magic.

the issue with ranking Charmy is that, she’s strong but, we don’t know how strong exactly. she can summon a giant cotton ship, that can punch out powerful to opponents. Because of that charmy is on high rank.


Black clover Luck

Luck is a fifth Class Junior Magical Knight. who has a talent for fights? Luck was an ordinary child, just needing fights and inconveniences from anybody he met. Because of this reality, Luck was alienated and it wasn’t until he joined the Black Bulls that genuinely felt comfortable.

Luck has practical experience in lightning wizardry, he can utilize lightning as a shot or as strengthening enchantment. Karma’s fundamental system is to go hard and fast, and he utilizes his lighting to speed up and power. Karma is a great one versus one warrior and he is by a long shot one the most forceful contenders the Black Bulls have. His lightning hits hard and his skill for fights makes him impressive.

4.Noel Silva

Black clover Noel Silva
Noel Silva

we have Noel Silva. the girl who couldn’t even properly use her magic in the beginning. however, she’s improved more than even Luck has since the beginning of the series. Noel is remaining extremely strong and relevant even, her dragon’s roar was able to take off that hose right arm later the same attack overpowered the fire spirit salamander albeit. the water-based attack does have an elemental advantage. Noel has drastically improved – and she also has a new form her spell Valkyrie armor probably one of my favorite spells. The valkyrie armor allows her to drill through other spells this spell can defeat the strongest enemy. and that why she is on high rank in our Back Clover Black Bull ranking list


Black clover Asta

Now we have Asta the magic-less Boy. How’s a dream is to become the strongest wizard king.he is the physically strongest. character in the series excellent for battle and with his sword he can cut through and deflect magic attacks. the demon Waller sword can borrow magic from other peoples. which allows for Asta to coat himself in anti-magic to use the more intense anti-magic techniques. When up against seemingly unbeatable foes, Asta focuses on drawing out this other form. In doing so, he becomes evenly matched against those that wield intense amounts of mana. This mode increases Asia’s power by 50%. And by this mode, he can fly to. This mode is like a power boost. But up to now Asta had didn’t show his real power of devils.

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Black clover Nacht

Nacht is the vice-captain of Black bulls. After a fierce battle with Zenon Black bulls loses hard with their captain Yami Taken by Zenon of Spade Kingdom’s Dark Triad. Black bulls. Loses their captain and loses hope but the lasted chapter of Black clover manga reveals The vice-captain of Black bulls. who also had the ability to wield devil magic. He is a Grey Deer squad former member. Now Asta and black bulls Might have a chance against Zanon and freeing Yami from them as he also reveals that Yami is not dead.

1.Yami sukehiro

Black clover Yami sukahero
Yami sukahero

We have the myth the legend himself Yami the captain of the black bulls since the beginning of the series Yami was one of the strongest characters he scored a perfect 5 out of 5 in a magic amount not to mention. he is physically the strongest character in the entire series he possesses dark magic and he managed to overcome its slowness by channeling. it into a katana he can send slashes of dark magic flying at his opponents. at quick speeds, since the series started, Yami has also learned one of the most opie magic attacks in the series of course. I’m referring to dark cloak dimensions slash, which can get this slice through dimensions notably,

it can cut through spatial magic as well even before he learned a spell. he was able to fight against Patri and his opie like magic without being defeated now that he knows this move chances are he could defeat Patri which is likely why Patri fled the last time he saw Yami Yami is stronger than he’s ever been and he’ll only get stronger in the databook Yami’s customized category was limit surpassing and he got a perfect 5 out of 5 in that his ability to surpass his limits.

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About Black clover

Black clover is a Japanese manga series written by YĆ«ki Tabata. The story’s center is a magic-less boy Asta born without magic power. In that world where magic is everything. But asta ever give up on his dream of becoming the greatest wizard king.

Story line

Asta and Yuno the two orphans raised in Hage village. When they become 15 years old. They get their grimoire and both trains very hard to select in the clover kingdom magic knight squad. Yuno was selected in the golden don the finest magic knight squad and Asta in the Black Bull the worse magic knight squad. At this point, the story begins.