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10 Best Total War Games: You Must Play Right Now

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Barely any game series are as dear to my heart as Creative Assembly’s Best Total War, with its blend of history, ongoing strategies, and turn-based system. Spreading over 19 years and 13 games, there are times I feel like Total War games could involve spots 1-13 on my unsurpassed top picks list. And after that, there are different occasions when I recall the amount I hated Rome 2.

It resembles seeing and encountering the best fights and wars you read historical on the books. It’s far and away superior to a narrative also know as a documentary since you get the opportunity to take an interest in all the activity and even change the course of history in the games. Obviously, some tweaks needed to take innumerable freedoms since despite everything they’re games and should be entertaining. By and by, they’re about the nearest thing we can get to coming, seeing, and vanquishing — all in the comforts of our gaming seats. Here are the majority of the verifiable Total War games positioned dependent on flawlessness.

It very well may baffle as a fan to live through this continuously, yet then in the long haul it’s been extraordinary, in light of the fact that it demonstrates that Creative Assembly have for about 20 years to develop total war game to its finest, cutting and changing between games as they endeavor to adjust the desires of fans with a need to keep Total War game realistic.

Certainly, this implies now and again they strikeout, and we get Rome 2. Be that as it may, it likewise implies we get sweet shocks like the Warhammer games, or even the most recent release Three Kingdoms, whose achievement I don’t think even the greatest of Total War fanboys could have seen coming.

Out of appreciation for that history, and furthermore on the grounds that I will effectively get an opportunity to expound on Empire: Total War, beneath you, ‘ll discover a rundown positioning the whole Best Total War game, from best to most exceedingly terrible.total war game official website

Best Total War Game From Bottom to Top

10. Rome 2

 Rome 2

It had terrible to mediocre review in Total War game series, not because it’s not good but it fails to match main game that The still-astounding unique set a high bar, yet that wasn’t the main issue: Rome 2 had a defective dispatch and played like an uneasy change to a further developed gamers. Thus, it’s a harder game to adore.

Honestly, the game’s notoriety is somewhat uncalled for—the various bugs and unbalanced AI have been fixed, and when it works, it’s as profound and remunerating as some other Total War. I likewise have a stunning determination of one of a kind groups, making this vibe like probably the most extravagant section in the arrangement, if not the most worshipped.



It has been many years as far back as the main Shogun: Total War turned out however despite everything it is being played right up ’til the present time. Shockingly enough, its designs were scarcely even 3D and the vast majority of the units seemed, by all accounts, to be surface sprites. That didn’t make a difference to the most in-your-face and reliable Total War fans, in any case. In those days, that was extremely popular and the wistfulness is well-recollected.

While the ongoing interaction has matured great (it’s in a general sense the equivalent over years of Total War), the illustrations and the man-made reasoning (A.I.) of the system game don’t hold up well nowadays. That will be normal, obviously, simply realizing that the various Total War games owe a lot to Shogun is sufficient.


medieval total war

There’s still loads to adore about Medieval, however, a lot of it has been refined and improved in the spin-offs. It intrepidly extends the extent of the, including components, for example, dedication, religion, and surveillance, and in view of this, it feels like a deft portrayal of the merciless, turbulent setting. It’s likewise the game that truly nailed the ‘vibe’ of Total War’s fight framework—glimmering covering, lines of heavily clad troops crushing into one another, awakening music and improved illustrations.

It clearly looks oversimplified when contrasted with the ongoing games, yet the effect at the time can’t be thought little of. Shogun began everything and Rome refined it, yet Medieval extended the arrangement in a manner that gives a false representation of the basic introduction.



The most characterful minutes from great Total War games, as a rule, happen naturally—the valiant soldier of fortune armed force on the edge of your realm, the careless posterity of crusading commanders. Attila is the main effective endeavor to mesh these accounts into the game itself. It nearly makes Total War a misnomer. It’s not just about battling: Attila is down of governmental issues, devouring, starvation, destruction, and relocation, set during one of the most delicate and captivating times of history—Europe still feels like an unformed idea, prepared to be formed or crushed as you see fit.

I think Attila is criminally misjudged. It turned out in the shadow of Rome 2 (like Napoleon, this is all the more a celebrated development than an all-new game), however, didn’t experience the ill effects of huge numbers of similar issues that tormented its antecedent. The Hun’s migrant plan stays one of my unequaled Total War features.

It likewise works admirably of collapsing in increasingly convoluted components, for example, climate and guerilla fighting—ideal for anybody progressively used to the straightforward lucidity of prior Total Wars. Furthermore, like Warhammer, all that you do is under the shadow of a get-together storm: it’s not if Attila and his Hunnic armed force will arrive, however, when. A merciless, unforgiving and superbly complex system Total War game.



Quick forward to 2018 and with the present innovation, we were given Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia. It’s additionally set in the Medieval time however a lot prior in the Middle Ages, explicitly 878 AD — not long after the demise of the incredible Viking Ragnar Lothbrok. Accordingly, the maturing kingdoms of primitive Europe had one hell of a power battle to see who turns out with the most terrains.

Dissimilar to Total War titles that preceded this one, Thrones of Britannia has a littler extension and a less aspiring setting. You most likely realize that by the title as of now, yet the game just happens in the British Isles (the United Kingdom nowadays). Past the illustrations, A.I., and interactivity transforms it doesn’t have numerous points of interest over the initial two games above which have had continuations superior to Thrones of Britannia.



Napoleon takes everything Empire progressed admirably and refines it, streamlining and improving the best bits of its rambling, frequently out of shape forerunner. Be that as it may, it’s something beyond a unimportant improvement: Napoleon speaks to Creative Assembly figuring out how to appropriately apply a story to a developing game. The game is a demonstration of Bonaparte’s brightness, and the triumphs are basic since they’re directed with humankind and unbiasedness.

Just as being a wonderful Total War game, it’s an entrancing method for digging into a defining moment in Europe. You get the opportunity to encounter the triumphs and disappointments of an unimaginable military personality, and it’s a strange, regularly moving method for seeing something that still echoes through history. Encountering tremendous clash through the eyes of a couple of individuals makes this a lowering, splendid, absolutely fundamental

attila best total war game


Rome best total war game

The main Rome is still many individuals top choices, and all things considered! For the time it completely conveyed on its guarantee of reproducing fighting of the time (with a dash of governmental issues) and keeping in mind that the first PC variant is somewhat feeble in 2019, it’s a treat to dunk once again into this on iPad.



The first Warhammer is as yet an incredible game and merits credit for spearheading such a large amount of what Warhammer 2 would embrace and refine, however, the spin-off basically improved.


THREE KINGDOMS  total war game

It appears the designers are very great at interpreting The Orient’s fighting history into Total War games. Like Shogun 2, Total War: Three Kingdoms (discharged just May this year) was a resonating achievement. It’s most likely even enough to oust Shogun 2 as the complete Total War game. Three Kingdoms investigates the Three Kingdoms time of Chinese history during the Han and Jin administrations where China turned into a free-for-all battleground between a few warlords competing for power and the Emperor’s position of royalty.



It wasn’t until 10 years after the fact when the Creative Assembly chose to return to medieval Japan as it did with the first Shogun: Total War. When they did, they made extraordinary compared to other Total War games ever in all viewpoints be it climate, ongoing interaction, degree, visuals, and even the music and sound. Right up ’til today, Total War II: Shogun 2 is considered by numerous individuals as the conclusive recorded Total War title.

Shogun 2 was the Creative Assembly taking care of business. The manner in which they consistently consolidated Japanese feel to the UI and how the fighting subtleties offer equity to the timeframe is surprising. Focus in on the warrior mosh pit and you can even observe individual troopers or even Samurai taking part in one-on-one duels. Also, the battle ongoing interaction is likewise energizing since you’ in the end trigger an unexpected demise mode where the Shogun will pronounce you an adversary of all of Japan once your group or group becomes excessively ground-breaking.

2. Medieval 2

 Medieval 2

Medieval 2 is superior to anything Medieval, obviously, however, it isn’t the one for beginners. The overwhelming fights, profound ongoing interaction, and the need to strategize are very hard to take on. What’s more, with completely the biggest measure of fights you will play in a Total Wars game, the Medieval 2 has a satisfying yet overpowering interpretation of ongoing interaction. In spite of the fact that it was upsetting, I came around to build up a desire for this dull game about the Middle Ages. also, Oh kid did I appreciate it.

The illustrations are point by point, the plot is drawing in and the fights feel as though a large number of individuals are going for one another’s throats, what more would I be able to request? The whole game spotlights on two destinations: the first, obviously, is catching the realized land to turn into the leader of the kingdom. Yet, Medieval 2 includes another, crisp layer. I needed to pick between catching urban communities and manors. Urban areas offer more income, however grabbing hold of a palace implied progressively military units. This bit of micromanagement included with the effectively overpowering ongoing interaction makes Medieval 2 the most captivating game yet.

1.Warhammer II

Warhammer 2

Warhammer II is perhaps the biggest game made by Creative Assembly and furthermore the most intricate. With the expansion of progressively nitty-gritty battles and fleshed subtleties, the subsequent portion ventures out in front of the first. I delighted in the constant fights that, in spite of being enormous in amount, never appeared to feel dull.

The adventure has every one of the highlights of an exciting story, with four groups battling it out in the field to accomplish power over the Vortex, which is a costly and depleting issue in itself. Development of uncommon structures in explicit areas was troublesome enough, shielding them from mediation by different groups just added to the absurdity and unpleasantness of this game. The control of the Vortex is a definitive ultimate objective since it contacts everything from missions, fights to triumphs.

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