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Asta parent reveal in the latest chapter of Black clover Manga

Asta parents

Who are Asta parents in Black Clover? if you want to know the real parent of Asta then you are in right place. In this post we will see, who is Asta real parent? but it may contain spoiler from the recent manga. If you watching anime then it is really a spoiler to you. Currently, in Black clover, all knights of Clover Kingdom is working hard to defect the devil.

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And as usual, the manga is far ahead. Fan loving the twist, development of characters. But Fans had a question that who are the real parents of Asta?

In Black clover, Manga Asta’s Mom revealed by YĆ«ki Tabata

Asta demon black clover
Sorce-Black clover official Manga

In the latest chapter 266, the Devil inside Asta Grimoire shows off his real form to asta. It was the first time that Asta sees the devil. Once the devil arrived Asta’s say,

By screaming loudly Asta tells him to thank you very much for saving me countless times because of your powers I able to come this long way, it’s better or worse there is a partnership between you and me. because of this, I love Asta in the story as a character, I did not expect his first words to be that when he spoke to the anti-magic devil he’s just thanking him saying I wouldn’t have come this far if it wasn’t for you so I thank you.

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But there is a twist Anti-magic devil takes Asta’s Grimoire and then pull out the demon slayer sword then he tells him you have no chance of winning with just one arm. Then Asta’s say I had no regrets of losing my hand it was just a contract, then Anti-magic devil started attacking Asta. While fighting devil says that if you lose this battle you will become a Richard Monster like me. Then Asta says being a devil not make you a monster.

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Asta parents
Asta Mother

And suddenly devil remember that someone had said this line and that was Asta’s real mother

In the image you can see the color of the hair, the style of wearing clothes is very similar to Asta.

And this is all shown in chapter 166 of Black Clover manga.

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