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Asta and Yuno Are Licht’s Son Theory

licht not kill asta
black clover
black clover

As far back as the start of Black Clover we fans are pondering where did Asta and Yuno come from. Presently obviously realize that they were left at the church the same day. No one realizes who left them there and why additionally who are the guardians. so here we talk about Asta and Yuno Are Licht’s Son

So why asta was conceived without the Mana. I went over a hypothesis on YouTube which will clarify pretty much everything.


First Wizard King Met Licht

We realize this happens when Wizard King’s sister Tactia uses wind enchantment and leaves the stronghold. Her enchantment leaves control. Wizard ruler pursued her sister to spare her, Both Licht utilizing his sword enchantment and Wizard lord utilizing his light enchantment figured out how to spare her. Licht gets Tactia in his arms. In the end, uncovered that both Wizard King and Elve King Licht spare have a 4 leaf clover Grimoire. Making moment association in b/w 2. In the long run, the Wizard ruler converses with Licht to specify harmony by Humans and Elves. Which made to the marriage of Licht and Tectia as their tyke will be the image of harmony bw 2 clans.

Mythical beings were bitrate by Humans before the introduction of Child of Licht including tectia being butchered. Licht utilized the illegal enchantment which resurrected all the mythical people. So this taboo enchantment still bode well for the resurrection of offspring of Licht and Tectia. It might be in the Human assemblages of Asta and Yuno are met to be had sooner or later genuine spirits of Asta and Yuno

Yuno and Asta Are Fraternal Twins


yuno black clover
yuno black clover

How about we make family tree Yuno if offspring of Licht would take thing both from his Father just as a mother.

Yuno has a 4 leaf clover Grimoire and wind Magic. We can contrast it with his uncle’s and his dad’s 4 leaf Clover Grimoire. What’s more, his mom is having wind enchantment. It amazingly likely that his mom would likewise have wind soul in those days as her enchantment was exceptionally incredible.


We should contrast the vibes of Yuno and his potential guardians. Yuno and Licht have the same facial structure just as body shape. Yuno has definite a similar eye shading as licht. It appears yuno has taken the potential body kind of His dad as being taller and slimmer.

In battle b/w Elve Yuno and Licht. Yuno gave Licht a push as Patri said nothing to expect less from Licht’s as then he stops. Clearly, Yuno is Linked to Licht is some way. No less his child. As his child just can give him a decent battle.


Asta parents

It’s likewise a plausibility that Asta is additionally an offspring of Licht. Similitudes are that Asta has precisely the same Grimoire that his dad had previously. Asta’s Grimoire used to be the 4 leaf Grimoire of Licht, yet changed in 5 leaf after Licht transformed into a Demon.

How about we analyze the vibes of Asta and his folks. Asta has precisely the same shade of hairs as his dad Licht has. We realize that the first wizard King and Tectia have green eyes and the same Asta does. Asta is likewise short in size like them. Asta appears to acquire his mom’s hereditary side.

As I would see it both Asta and Yuno are Licht and Tectia’s Son. Which implies that they are both intimate twins.

Yuno Is Successful Hybrid

yuno hybrid

Yuno may be the fruitful variant of the Hybrid of Human and Elve. He has high enchantment forces and High mana and great physical body structure.

Asta Is Mutated Hybrid

Asta no mana
Asta no mana

Asta may be the change of a Human and Elve repeat. As this transformation made him have no mana by any stretch of the imagination.

Keep in mind the which ruler said that Asta has no mana due to Mutation. Transformation of what? Likely cross reproducing b/w to species.

Why Asta Didn’t get Elve Form

This basically in light of the fact that the illegal Spell which Licht use and the One Patri utilized are unique. As spell by Licht makes the conceived people after hundreds of years comparable bodies to Elves.

In any case, the spell by Patri was to utilized Elve spirits to take those bodies.

Licht didn’t Kill Asta

licht not kill asta

In battle, it resembled that Licht was keeping down. As could have just murdered Asta and Taken back the Demon Dweller sword. Since he realizes that Asta was his child. It appeared as though he wasn’t notwithstanding attempting to battle them. Resurrection doesn’t deal with Asta as he had no mana.

Patri Knew That Yuno Was Son

We know when every one of the contenders with the eye of 12 PM child occurred Yuno was not there. As Patri realized that Yuno was the child of Licht. As Yuno have great mana, solid breeze enchantment, and 4 leaf Grimoire.

Yet, nobody would ever accept that Licht could have a child-like Asta with no mana and enchantment. Indeed, even nobody would ever think of twins either.

So this was the hypothesis,Also read

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